Protection for you

We are a professional manufacturer &exporter of disposable non-woven &plastic products in China.

Our products are widely used in  hygiene,cleaning,packaging,healthcare, dental,laboratory,agriculture,construction,automotive,safety protection etc.

Face protection
Head protection
Make the right choice is easy
We can offer you disposable non-woven caps,face masks,beard cover,hood,oversleeves,aprons,lab coat,isolation gown,patient gown,surgical
gown,coveralls,CPE gown,overshoes,boot cover.

We can offer you disposable non-woven bed sheet,bed cover,pillow cover,examination bed cover,stretcher cover.

We can provide you PP,PP+PE,SMS,SMMS,PE,CPE,PP with microporous film,SMS with microporous film,spunlace items.

Provide you protection from top to toe
Disposable solutions just for you
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