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We are a manufacturer &exporter for disposable non-woven,plastic products in China,our factories are with more than 20 years of manufacturing &management experience,from raw material selected,quality control during production to finished products,a series of strict management system and clean production environment,we can produce as customized just to meet your satisfaction.
Face protection
Head protection
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We can offer you disposable non-woven caps,face masks,beard cover,hood,oversleeves,aprons,lab coat,isolation gown,patient gown,surgical gown,coveralls,CPE gown,overshoes,boot cover.
We can offer you disposable non-woven bed sheet,bed cover,pillow cover,examination bed cover.
We can provide you PP,PP+PE,SMS,SMMS,PE,CPE,PP with microporous film,SMS with microporous film,spunlace items.

Provide you protection from top to toe
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